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The 13-year-old Egyptian girl whose father was cremated to death in Bulaq Dakrour, Giza, admitted shocking details about her life.

In front of the investigation authorities, the child said, “Oh, I killed my father because he was sexually assaulting me under duress, and he was threatening me with death, and he practiced this matter with me when I met my lover about an issue that was violating the house, so I killed him so that I could relax.” According to Egyptian media.

And the girl continued her speech, “One day my father separated from my mother while he was tired of her and asked me in every need and he said that you did not leave the house without an ear,” adding, that when he saw her accompanied by her friend inside the house in an immoral situation, he decided to take revenge on her, by practicing immoral acts with her, and remained In this case, until he despaired of his actions and decided to get rid of him by killing him.

She added that she bought a drug from the pharmacy and put it in the juice, and when her father went to sleep she burned him.

She showed that she killed her parents in the manner of an Indian movie that she watched, explaining that she carried out the crime after she saw an Indian movie and found her true tragedy, of an Indian girl with her father, from whom she took the idea of ​​getting rid of her father, which corresponds to the end of the film, when the heroine brought the drug and injected her father and then burned him. She decided to fully implement that plan so that she could get relief from her father.


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