Euro and dollar prices in Algeria today, Friday, May 28, 2021

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Foreign exchange rates varied against the Algerian dinar this evening, Friday, May 28, 2021, in bank transactions.

The average price of the European euro in the Algerian Central Bank remained constant at about 163.2 dinars for purchase and 163.25 dinars for sale.

While the average price of the European currency on the “black market” in Algeria decreased, to about 219.19 dinars for purchase, 221.63 dinars for sale, compared to about 219.37 dinars for purchase, and 221.81 dinars for sale, yesterday.

The price of the dollar settled in the Central Bank, recording about 133.3 dinars for purchase, and 133.32 dinars for sale, while the price on the black market stabilized at 180 dinars for purchase and 182 dinars for sale.

The average price of the pound sterling in the central bank remained constant at around 188.63 dinars for purchase and 188.67 dinars for sale.

The average pound sterling in the “black market” increased to about 255.17 dinars for purchase, and 258 dinars for sale, compared to about 254.11 dinars for purchase and 256.93 dinars for sale, yesterday.

Real, dirham and dinar prices

While the price of the UAE dirham in banks recorded 36.29 dinars for purchase and 36.3 dinars for sale.

The UAE currency settled on the black market, at about 49 dinars for purchase and 49.55 dinars for sale.

The price of the Saudi riyal in banks recorded 35.54 dinars for purchase and 35.55 dinars for sale, while it settled on the black market at 48 dinars for purchase and 48.53 dinars for sale.

The Kuwaiti dinar purchase price in banks recorded 422.87 dinars for purchase, and 444.1 dinars for sale.

While the Kuwaiti currency fell on the black market, to about 598.25 dinars for purchase, and 604.90 dinars for sale, compared to about 598.7 dinars for purchase and 605.34 dinars for sale, yesterday.


An official at the Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts in Algeria revealed that the country’s sector losses amounted to $ 230 million per month.

The Chinese Silk Road gives Algeria the largest port in Africa and the Mediterranean

These severe losses, as a result of the restrictions and preventive measures imposed by the new Corona virus, come at a time when the country is facing a liquidity crisis caused by the decline in crude oil revenues, the main source of income for the country.

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