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First helicopter flying on Mars lands after “major problem”


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According to the British newspaper “The Guardian”, this defect is the largest of its kind since it began Helicopter “Ingeniotti” in flight on the surface of Mars, last April.

The Jet Propulgen laboratory stated that the experimental helicopter was able to land safely on a roof Mars.

The defect occurred about a minute after the helicopter flew in the sixth test flight, and that was at an altitude of no more than ten meters.

The problem was noted, because the navigation camera in the plane took a lot of pictures, but one of the pictures was not saved in the system, and when this happens, it leads to confusion about where the helicopter is located.

A Harvard Stranger, he is the captain and the scientist who leads The Plane From a distance, the helicopter began to tilt back and forth by twenty degrees, while significant increases in power consumption were observed.

A built-in system was used internally to stabilize the plane, and it actually managed to save the helicopter.

Experts said that what is required now is to fix the defect so that it does not recur again in the atmosphere of the surface of Mars.

And the “Ingeniotti” helicopter became the first plane to accomplish a flight outside the planet, and that was last April, that is, two months after the arrival of NASA’s “Perseverance” probe to Mars.


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