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Fredo Pang says seeing women in Punt is a “big turn off.”


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Bonnets have become an integral part of Black, Roomies’ culture, especially at a time when black women are embracing the diversity of their hair more than ever! Recently, people were on the internet debating whether to wear the protective hair pieces outside, and Fredo Pang said he had no objection!

A viral image of women wearing sports hats at an airport has sparked a debate about the appropriate places to wear headwear and it seems that people are divided over the debate! Some people said that the wraps should only be worn at home, and others said that black women should feel free to wear them whenever they wanted.

Rapper Fredo Pang explained his stance in a lengthy tweet about women’s self-esteem.

He wrote, “I feel like a woman wearing her hoodie feels completely comfortable with herself.” “She doesn’t have to have makeup and wear her head to her shoulders every second of her life because she knows it’s the worst. # Self-esteem is a big turn off.”

Fredo’s message seemed to be coming from a good place, but some of the ladies who read it didn’t quite agree with his feelings. Few ladies commented to let Fredo know that wearing hoodies outside the house had totally out of pocket!

One woman commented, “No … you just don’t leave your house as if you rolled on the bed.” “Find out how comfortable you are with yourself … that’s just so despicable to me.”

Another woman wrote: “Listen, I’m still not walking outside with a hood … It gives lazy and unprepared.”

What is your position on this issue, Romes? Let us know in the comments!

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