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Hamas is gaining support, and nothing is mentioned in the battle with Israel


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GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – As the ceasefire between Hamas and Israel continues amid international efforts and Egyptian mediation, many Palestinians have taken to the streets. celebrate The victory of the resistance over Israel, but now they wonder what Hamas really won.

The Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip began on May 10 in response to the launch of Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Palestine hundreds Rockets towards Israel in the wake of the Israeli police Raiding Al-Aqsa Mosque And work to displace the Palestinian residents of Jerusalem Sheikh Jarrah Neighborhood.

escalation 248 Palestinians were killedAmong them are 66 children, 39 women, and 17 elderly people. The bombing destroyed 2,075 housing units Damage 15,000 others

After 11 days of the military confrontation, nothing appears to have changed in Jerusalem.

On the morning of May 23, the groups of Israeli settlers resumed firing rockets Storming the Al-Aqsa MosqueAfter 20 days of closing the courtyards due to tensions in the Palestinian territories.

Israeli security forces raided Al-Aqsa Mosque Six worshipers arrested There during the dawn prayers on May 23. Later, about 253 settlers stormed the mosque again, backed by Israeli soldiers.

Shortly after the ceasefire was announced, the Israeli authorities in the Arab cities of Israel began a massive operation A campaign of arrests Targeting Arab demonstrators in support of the Gaza Strip and Jerusalem. And they arrested more than 1550 people, while 150 people are facing charges of “assaulting police officers, throwing stones and setting fires,” according to the Israeli police.

In a statement on May 23, the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: – Al-Aqsa incursions underway Turns outIgnore the effort To stabilize the calm. “

In a statement released on May 23, the Palestinian presidency He warned of the dangers of a resurgence of escalation and tension through the settlers’ storming of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the ongoing siege of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, and the arrests policy against the Palestinians.

Talal Okal, a political analyst at Al-Ayyam newspaper in Ramallah, told Al-Monitor, “This military confrontation is the first in the history of confrontations between Gaza and Israel. It is not related to Gaza itself, but rather to Jerusalem.”

Okal added that Hamas appears to have shifted focus beyond the Gaza border. He explained that one of the most important of them is to thwart Israeli efforts to isolate the Palestinian geographical areas from each other.

He pointed out that this confrontation brought the Palestinian issue, especially the issue of Jerusalem, back to the forefront of global concern after it had weakened amid the wars and other conflicts that afflicted the Arab region and the world’s preoccupation with other issues such as the epidemic.

Although there has been no noticeable change in the situation on the ground in the aftermath of the conflict, Wadih Abu Nassar, a manager International Consulting Center In Haifa, he claimed that Hamas had made “deterrence gains” with this conflict.

He explained that during this confrontation, Hamas launched a more violent and comprehensive struggle Missile strikes It has targeted the depths of Israel since its creation in 1948, forcing two-thirds of the population of Israel to seek refuge.

Abu Nassar indicated that Hamas exposed the failure of the Israeli intelligence service, which had spent years trying to locate rocket launch sites in Gaza, with rockets being fired until the last moment of the fighting.

Ahmed Rafiq Awad, a professor of media and political science at Al-Quds University in Abu Dis, told Al-Monitor that although Hamas has failed to bring about any change in Jerusalem, it has achieved great popularity among Palestinians.

“Hamas has received overwhelming support from Palestinians of all political spectrums,” he said.

Awad indicated that the Palestinian street appeared angry at the president’s policies Mahmoud AbbasWhich lacks the useful means to confront the Israeli escalation in Jerusalem and Delayed The Palestinian general elections, citing Israel refused to allow the vote In the city of Jerusalem.

Awad expected that Abbas would not set a new date for the elections, even if Israel agreed to hold them in Jerusalem, fearing that Hamas would win.

Despite the end of the military confrontation between Hamas and Israel, the residents of the Gaza Strip, besieged for 15 years, are still grappling with poor humanitarian and economic conditions amid a fragile ceasefire with little chance of survival. Any rockets fired from Gaza or Israel commit more violations against the Palestinians.

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