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How to download Minecraft original mid-year update May 2021 for Android and iPhone for free


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During the last period, the original Minecraft game launched its last update for May 2021, as some call the New Year’s update, through new features and features that are being introduced for the first time in this exciting game, as many players are waiting for those talks that add to the game a lot, Especially since the police are developing distinguished them in every new update, whether yearly or semi-annually, which attracts many players, and we will explain to you in this important article on your site your news now how to download the new version for free for iPhone and Android.

How to download Minecraft original after half year update

You can download the game that has attracted the attention of many users during the current period, and its popularity has become very large, especially from the children’s category, especially after the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia approved the educational version of it, and urged students to participate in it during this period, in conjunction with the Saudi government’s response to the pandemic Corona and distance education.

How to download Minecraft original mid-year update May 2021 for Android and iPhone for free

Features of the new Minecraft 1.17.0 update

Revealed Original Minecraft About the new update during the current month of May, as the new update included a set of important points, the most important of which are:

  • Added new building blocks with various shapes and updated combat shields.
  • Monster bot features fly off the game.
  • Better bots, especially paid ones.
  • The background of the page has been renewed.
  • The deadly and deadly beast was intensified during the night in many open areas.
  • Increased sword strikes to monsters

Download Minecraft after the update for iPhone and Android

You can now download Maine game After the other update and the new version for free on iPhone and Android phones through, by entering the following link directly, then download the game https://www.apkshub.com/todown/com.mojang.minecraftpe_1.17.0.58_free, where The download size is 123.69 MB.

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