KUWTK: She accused Kylie Jenner of bullying a model on the set of BF Tyga’s previous music video – she says it “never happened!”

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Kylie Jenner She responded to accusations that she had “intimidated” a model on the location of her ex-boyfriend, the rapper Tyga Music Video for 2015! According to the makeup mogul, this never happened!

It all started with model Victoria Vana claiming to be bullied in the Ice Cream Man music video set 5 or 6 years ago by Kylie and some of her friends who were also there at the time.

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Victoria revealed this on her IG account and Kylie didn’t take long to respond in the comments section of the post, writing, “It never happened.”

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As for the model who appeared alongside Tyga in his music video, she claimed that Kylie, boyfriend Stassie Karanikolaou and ex-girlfriend Jordyn Woods all bullied her while filming the clip.

Allegedly, the women mocked her dance moves.

On her TikTok, the model shared that, “Once I leave, she looks at me up and down and whisperes and points, and makes fun of the way I dance.”

She went on to remember that they specifically mocked the way her “booty” was “dressed.”

“He just makes fun of me, clearly” despite the fact that at that point she was “completely crying.”

And that was not all! Victoria also shared the following: “I decided I was going out … so she went, Kylie and all her friends went out too. And they went to her Rolls-Royce. I remember it was a white Rolls-Royce in the parking lot. It was like they were following me. And they were there eating. McDonald’s… and I was walking by, and I could hear them. Inside, they were pointing at me and mocking me. And then I walk outside, and they’re literally still talking about me.


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