Matt Nagy from Bears joins Mike McCarthy of Dallas and Vic Fangy from Denver at the top of the NFL hot seat list

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Matt Nagy deserves a chance to prove what he can do in the post-Mitch Tropisky era.

Matt Nagy deserves a chance to prove what he can do in the post-Mitch Tropisky era.
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When the Chicago Bears shocked the NFL world by trading nine positions to select an Ohio midfielder, Justin Fields with an eleventh overall pick, the entire football world praised Chicago for such a remarkable move. The lack of a consistent quarterback player at first was the biggest elephant on the bears since Mitch Tropesky traded in second overall in 2017. Despite having a meme that walks in the middle over the past four years, Nagy has outpaced the role of Da Beers. . Head Coach – He led the Bears to the qualifiers in two seasons in three seasons and their first division title eight years ago.

So why is he on the hot seat on the ground?!?!?!?!?!

Apparently, Nagy has the third best odds of being the first coach to be sent off in the upcoming NFL season.

Followed just by Mike McCarthy from Dallas and Vic Fangio from Denver. I don’t think Fangio should be kicked out either. He got incredibly lucky with injuries and midfielders, but he’s not close to the qualifiers lately, so I understood his position on this list a little bit more. But Nagi ?! why? What does anyone have about this man?

If coaches manage to win the NFL MVP award, Nagy may have reached the final in 2018. For a first-year coach at his first training party, arranging a season like the 2018 Bears was unbelievable. Despite reduced production from Jordan Howard, Allen Robinson lost a quarter of the season, wide reception team Anthony Miller was number two in the team, Nagy went 12-4 and sent both Mitch Tropesky and Tareq Cohen to the Pro Bowl. Huh? How do you blame this guy for the last two years? It’s not his fault that Mac’s boyfriend has slipped a little. It’s not Nagy’s fault that the team’s second recipient was Darnell Mooney last year (although I think he has potential).

Nagy has done many great things during his coaching career with Team Bears. It was not perfect. He doesn’t run the ball as often as he should – sort of turning David Montgomery into a passer at the start of his career rather than as a runner – but Nagy began ramping up on the ground late last season and because of that, Montgomery was one of the best full-backs in the league in The last stage of the season. Nagy is learning throughout the season and adapting, and he’s a good coach because of that.

The biggest problem most people have with Nagy seems to be his inability to develop Trubisky. This is just crap. Sometimes you just have to take a step back and realize that some guys will never live up to their expectations. Do you think Nagy wasn’t aware of all the mistakes that Tropesky made? Not shot. You remember when he said directly to Trubsky: “Close f ** k!“During the Ramez match of 2019? Nagy seems tired of the signal caller in this clip.

Before coming to Chicago, Nagy was known for his ability to work with midfielders. As coach / attack coordinator in Kansas City from 2013 to 2017, he helped Naji Alex Smith win three trips to the Pro Bowl. Even that Smith was considered MVP filter For most of the 2017 season. This is the Alex Smith we’re talking about here. So, if Nagy could do something like that with Alex Smith, the fact that he fought to develop Mitch Tropsky should talk a lot about Tropsky, not Nagy.

Nagy is a coach who only repeats once in a lifetime, and year after year he has managed his team beyond expectations. Putting him on the hot seat before seeing him get a chance with Justin Fields seems to be very fast considering what he was able to do in his three seasons with Chicago. The 2018 coach of the year has got a future midfielder, and he might not even get a chance to coach him in the regular season match. This will be the biggest tragedy of the upcoming NFL season. Don’t let that happen!


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