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Mental health is important, but what about your family, Harry?


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Prince Harry’s stinging attack on his family is a blow against their mental health …

For someone trying to convince people to talk about mental health, Prince Harry stumbles upon a mistake. Instead of inviting, he lashes out like a little boy throwing his toys from the stroller. He does not think about the welfare of his family. You know, the people who hurt him and threw them into wolves? Let’s not forget that this was most likely on his wife’s orders.

Harry and his older brother William have always been talking about their mental health. Since Meghan appeared on the scene, Harry’s perspective on what should and should not be broadcast in public. As noted by Royal Editor Richard Eden in an article by Mail moreIt’s great that the Duke of Sussex is willing to discuss something so personal, but at what cost?

The mental health of the royal family is just as important as Harry’s. However, the beloved prince does not seem to care. He forgets that his father is in his seventies while his grandmother, who recently lost her husband, approaches 100. If he had any true heart, he would ask his vengeful wife to back off, sit down and teach her where. She is the reason why he lashes out for no reason.

After all that, Americans are angry with him because he called their first amendment “crazy.” Yes, move smoothly when your husband is a citizen of the country you just insulted. Harry’s new hobby of throwing everyone he loves under the royal train shows what his one-dimensional mind looks like. If he had a half-brain, he would deal with his family problems behind closed doors.

Another contradiction

Harry told Dax Shepard that when it comes to mental health, you shouldn’t point fingers or blame anyone. Um … Isn’t that what he did when his father and then his entire family were thrown under the bus? He has revealed that they are responsible for his drug and alcohol abuse when he was younger. Does he remember that he is the master of his fate and how people felt sorry for him after his mother’s death?

The Duke of Sussex appears to have had a very selective memory. He ran around Las Vegas and played striptease poker while smoking marijuana. After that, there was everything in Nazi costume at the masquerade ball. People were sympathetic to him at the time and made an excuse: “He is young, stupid, and wasted because of what happened to his mother.” Now, it just doesn’t work because he’s almost 40 years old and has tantrums left, right and center.

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