Microsoft announces the biggest change to Outlook for Windows since 1997

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At any time, sharing an Outlook calendar with co-workers was a very complicated matter, as the shared calendar with Outlook for Windows was a daily problem, but Microsoft has now fulfilled its promises to significantly improve shared calendars, in what it describes as the biggest change in Outlook for Windows Since its first release in 1997.

And she was Microsoft It first announced the testing of the new shared calendars experience for Outlook last year, and is now starting to spread more widely. Improvements include much faster sync of new and updated meetings, which means that changes must be immediately reflected in the release of updates to everyone through Shared Calendar, In the past Outlook for Windows often took a long time to sync calendar changes, which led to meetings disappearing, calendars not syncing, and a lot of other calendar-related issues.

The Microsoft Exchange team says: “Since the summer of 2019, we have refined the experience and fixed the bugs. Thanks to numerous customer reports, with tens of thousands of users per day in preview, we now feel confident that the experience will delight users.”

It’s worth noting that the common calendar changes have been gradually rolling out to Outlook for Windows users. Microsoft says it has about 10 percent of Outlook for Windows users so it will continue to expand gradually throughout the spring and summer seasons.

Users of Outlook on the web, the new Outlook for Mac, and Portable devices Outlook already has calendar sync improvements, and there’s finally a fix on the way for users of the dedicated Outlook for Windows app.

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