New technology for Abu Dhabi schools: detecting Covid violations

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Certain schools in Abu Dhabi have launched a new technology that helps detect breaches of COVID and safety protocol. In addition to identifying violations of the Covid rules, it helps detect bullying and other violent behaviors. With the help of these signals, it will become possible to maintain the required health standards and follow all precautionary measures against Covid.

What techniques are used?

Jebel Hafeet School in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, will be the first to try this new technology in the next academic year beginning in September 2021. In addition to the school’s already existing CCTV network, there is also an advanced IP motion sensor system. This system will introduce the new technology. Also in 15 other independent schools there are factories to implement the same new technology by partnering with SenseTime.

The Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) has given more insight into technology. They claimed to be using artificial intelligence (AI) and ‘smart school’ technology. It mainly works through motion sensors, face recognition technology, augmented reality, that is, AR, in addition to technology that helps to scan and control crowds.

What does this new technology do?

The face recognition will be used to determine the number of individuals in various controlled areas such as assembly halls, halls, laboratories, receptions, waiting areas, etc. This will help comply with the physical social distancing guidelines that are an important part of Covid prevention. This technology will ensure that only permitted persons are allowed in, thus registering the attendance of registered students, teachers, and other staff. It will also monitor the time they enter and leave the school campus.

This technology network also facilitates contactless access control. This can help create and maintain a clean and safe environment. Some of the other features that come with the technology include tracking people, analyzing buddies, interacting with large groups of people, etc. There is also a special heatmap technology that helps detect crowds and areas that may include potential individuals infected with the Coronavirus.

Why is technology being introduced?

Kholoud Al Dhaheri, Executive Director of the Education Partnerships Sector at the Department of Education and Knowledge, stated that these independent schools will have mandatory students as they are the most integral and focused part of any decision that they make. It aims at continuous improvement and positive impact on school environments and working methods, which generally tend to be complex and multi-dimensional. This is because of the many sub-environments that have been merged into this one space where everything should coexist in peace.

He also added, “We also cannot be satisfied when it comes to the well-being, health and safety of our students. Therefore, the integration and implementation of smart technology driven by artificial intelligence is an obvious choice due to its cost-effectiveness and availability.”

Earlier this year, a rule was introduced in Abu Dhabi where a breach of Covid regulations in some period will result in 250,000 dirhams. With exam season soon approaching, it becomes imperative to make sure Covid guidelines are kept more strict than ever. This new technology enables schools in Abu Dhabi to implement safety protocol efficiently.

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