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Russell Westbrook addresses the fan who threw popcorn on his head


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This has just been revealed Russell Westbrook He addressed the night after a fan threw popcorn on his head while helping him out of a match in Philadelphia. He’s now calling for the National Basketball Association to impose some form of consequences on fans who take things too far.

Ross was knocked out of the game after suffering an ankle injury when a fan poured a bucket of popcorn over his head and then tried to fight through the NBA personnel to make his way to the stands. As a player who is often teased by fans, Westbrook said the behavior is “bulls ** t” at this point, and made it clear that fans need to take responsibility, ‘The Shade Room notes.

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“To be a blatantly honest man, this filth is out of control, especially for me,” he told reporters. “The amount of disrespect, the amount of fans doing whatever they want to do, it’s totally out of it, man.”

Someone said: How was Philly called the city of fraternal love ?! πŸ˜©πŸ˜†πŸ€£ ‘And another follower posted this: β€œIon even knows why they’re trying this guy. He’ll beat you and happily take the fine.

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One fan said, “Whoever did it is actually an ASF weird” and someone else posted this: “Respect for LeBron to speak out!”

One follower said: He is not lying. These fans don’t see him as a man, they rather see him as royal. SMH. Once you turn it on. Then there will be a problem. This is an assault and the fan should be blocked. interval.’

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