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Shipping the intensity of the game PUBG MOBILE 2021 without lying


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Learn how to charge the intensity of the game of PUBG Mobile We all know that the game of PUBG MOBILE is one of the top games in the list of combat games, and therefore a lot is looking for steps to charge the intensity of the game of Peggy in order to use it to change clothes inside the game and buy the latest weapons to fight the battle against the enemies and defeat them and reach To a higher level.

The intensity of the game of Peggy is recharged through the balance

Citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are looking for a way to charge the game intensity of PUBG mobile in order to benefit from them and buy whatever they want, and here are the easiest steps for charging PUBG MOBILE game loads:

  1. In order to be able to charge the intensity of the PUBG mobile game, you must bGo to this link.
  2. Click on the game PUBG MOBILE and you will find it at the top of the page.
  3. You have to choose the amount of wrenches that suit you and in the box that follows you will find that you will be asked to write the ID number, so write it down.
  4. Then click OK.
  5. Among the payment methods available to you, you must choose the Pay By Mobile method.
  6. You must follow all the data shown in front of you, in order to finish the process of paying for the wrenches.
  7. Go to the game’s special mailbox, to receive the wrenches.

Find out the link for the wrenches charging site via ID

You can charge the game chips of PUBG MOBILE from Go through this link This method is one of the ways that many of us prefer to buy everything we do inside the game.

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