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Steinmeier is running for a second term as President of Germany


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Berlin – AFP

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier announced Friday that he would run for a second five-year term in this symbolic position.

Steinmeier, who took office for the first time in 2017 and belongs to the Social Democratic Party, announced his intention to run in elections next year, during a press conference in Berlin.

Steinmeier said he wanted to “keep up with the country on its path to the future” and to continue “building bridges” with the chancellor currently headed by Angela Merkel. He said that assuming the presidency was an “honor” and a “tremendous challenge.”

Steinmeier is one of the most popular politicians and he commands a high degree of confidence. He became head of state after holding the position of foreign minister for years, and former chief of staff Gerhard Schroeder.

Steinmeier, with white hair and round glasses, is a lawyer known for his diplomatic style and thoughtful speech.

General elections are held in Germany next September, the first elections in 16 years in which Merkel will not participate, who will withdraw from politics.

The Social Democratic Party ranks third in opinion polls, and is far ahead of it by the Christian Socialist Union, the Christian Social Union led by Merkel, and the Green Party.

But Steinmeier could win the presidency once again if he gets the support of the new ruling parties and parliament.


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