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you welcome in The queue Your daily distraction from curated video content sourced across the web. Today, we’re seeing a video article taking a look at how the 2011 movie “You Are Next” has reimagined the home invasion sub-genre.

The horror genre deserves major points for not taking itself too seriously. Or, at least, for the sake of the constant slicing and subversion of the mores and rules that make up the many subspecies. The Scream Franchise He hilariously takes skilled shots in slasher films. Tucker and Dale against evil It brings the sweetness of table-shifting to the horror of the hills. And 2014 The editor It is a love comic letter to the Giallo genre.

Home invasion movies tend to be jitter and uncomfortable. Being under attack in your home is a real, earth-based threat. Danger and disempowerment do not depend on ghouls or demons or legions of the living dead, but on sadistic humans. This is a subtype made of noise-inducing displays, such as Hay dogs (1971), When a stranger calls (1979), With them (2006), inside (2007) and Hush (2016). But in 2011, Adam Wingard It introduced a look change that was not only terrifying but fun as well: you are next.

The film concerns the wealthy and dysfunctional Davison family, who is attacked by three masked men with a crossbow during a conciliatory weekend. While the Davison family is picked up one by one during the attack, Irene, another important figure of one of Davison’s children, reveals an uncanny talent for survival and donkey kicking, and a penchant for impromptu home security that would make Kevin McAllister proud.

The video article below opens you are nextHis place within the home invasion scene, from his intentional color shift to his dark sense of slapstick comedy. Warning warning: spoils the video article you are nextTwists and turns, so proceed with caution:

Watch “How can you then reimagine the horror of a home invasion“:

Who made this?

This video is on you are next by Ryan HollingerIs a Northern Irish video essay writer specializing in horror films. Hollinger’s analysis usually takes the form of a personal retrospective. Indulging in a healthy dose of nostalgia, Hollinger’s videos are endearing, entertaining and informative. You can also check out Hollinger’s podcast on SoundCloud Here. You can subscribe to Hollinger account on YouTube Here.

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