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The Indian Embassy in Amman responds to expatriates’ pro-Israel statements – Middle East Monitor


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The Indian Embassy in Muscat issued a statement on social media in response to mounting comments made online by members of the expatriate Indian community in support of the continuation of the Israeli army. war crimes in Gaza. Many of these comments are posted with the hashtag #IndiaStandWithIsrael.

The notice, which was posted in both Arabic and English, states: “We have seen many unverified reports on social media regarding the Indian community in Oman. The Indian diaspora in Oman is law-abiding and has played a major role in developing strong bonds of friendship. Between the two countries. In these difficult times, it is important that we remain focused and united in our fight against COVID-19 and not distract us from unverified posts that contain harmful content. “

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Gulf News I mentioned that such a post by someone from the Indian community in Amman had angered the locals who support the Palestinian cause. In response to the embassy statement, one user commented, “Our Indian friends are always welcome in their second home, Oman. However, it should be crystal clear to your citizens that Oman’s collective solidarity with Palestine should not be intimidated or objected in any way.”

Over the weekend, many far-right Hindu nationalists mocked other Twitter users after they collectively responded to a post by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanking the governments of 25 countries for their support for Israel and including their flag. Emoji. India has also been removed from this post, hundreds of Indian users Appealed Netanyahu to include their flag as well.

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