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The New York Times deputy editor of opinion justifies publishing false maps of Palestinian “loss”


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yesterday Posted on a slideshow of deceased children in the New York TimesI made a passing mention of posting it Article written by Diana Bhutto, the Palestinian Arab publicistThat was full of lies including the infamous Lay map.

This is how the opinion article appears:

The “Map That Lie” is an incredibly misleading propaganda that has been circulating around everyone and its variety for years – including MSNBC. It is receiving its second (or perhaps fifth) wind now. It’s a fairly effective tool for the anti-Israel public because it displays actual historical maps, and it takes a great deal of knowledge to recognize the bait and switch made by the person responsible for its first publication.

Perhaps her ultimate debunking appears in this 2015 tablet article – which you also refer to with a more accurate title “False Maps” of the Palestinian “Loss” – so I don’t feel the need to reinvent the wheel and publish one of my own. But do not read this article.

I say all of this as an introduction to The New York Times Deputy Opinion Editor Patrick Healey Apology Justification for publishing it.

Explanation of the map


I think it is only a matter of time before the New York Times publishes an article with a true anti-Semitic cartoon in Der Sturmer. You know, just like art to communicate the author’s sense of his negative feelings towards Jews.

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