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The Vikings rated “Triplets” as the top 5 group


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September 20, 2020; Indianapolis, Indiana, USA; Minnesota Vikings turned back Dalvin Cook (33) celebrates his landing with broadcaster Justin Jefferson (18) in the match against Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Due to the fantasy football and the viewer appeal flying on the scoreboards, the attack enthusiasm in the NFL is crucial at the moment. While defensive football was popularized and in demand during the 1970s and 1980s, the pendulum switched to offensive.

Midfielders and skill center players put their buttocks into seats – whether on stadiums or on couches. To seize the fervor of the crime-obsessed world, CBS Sports Ranked the highest “triplets” in the NFLComposed of the best offensive game makers. CBS SportsJared Dupin described criteria like this: “The number in parentheses is the average team ranking based on the vote of several writers and editors working for us at CBSSports.com. The rankings reflect the collective wisdom of this crowd, while the corresponding analysis is my analytical.”

The Green Bay Packers (Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams, Aaron Jones) and Kansas City Mayors (Patrick Mahoms, Terek Hill and Travis Kelsey) topped the list. However, if Rodgers has been involved in the aforementioned trade talks a lot after June 1, these rankings are sure to meet side by side.

Minnesota Vikings checked in at # 5 after the Packers, Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys, and Seattle Seahawks.. This is especially noteworthy because the Vikings under coach Mike Zimmer are the defense team first. Directing a triple starry attack firepower denotes balance. Some people even exaggerate to assert, “Zimmer doesn’t care about fapping.”

Well, someone does. Compilation this threesome – Kirk Cousins, Dolphin Cook, and Justin Jefferson Since 2017 is a commendable achievement. The movements kept the Vikings “keeping up with the times” as the league was overtaken by an attack wave.

Dubin wrote of Cousins, Cook and Jefferson:

Jefferson may have had the best rookie season in the history of wide receivers. Think about that for a minute. He broke Randy Moss’ record of receiving yards in a junior year, adding 88 catches and seven touchdowns to line up with 1,400 yards. The Cousins ​​have clearly been at the helm for this great season, and they will be back again this year despite having a third-round pick Kellen Monde on the list. One of the top two-way runners in the NFL, Cook has been in good health for the past two years after suffering injuries early in his career.

From Focus on professional football Perspective, arrangement echo CBS SportsFeelings. Cousins ​​ranked 11th best in the NFL in 2020, Cook ranked second among all RBs, and rookie Jefferson was ranked second in wide receivers.

Now, Minnesota should pray for a clean health bill off its list. Pandemic season became rot fairly quickly when I lost Daniel Hunter this year. Nose treatment Michael Pearce hasn’t played at all due to the asthma concerns caused by COVID-19. Soon after the first week, Anthony Barr lost the season. So Mike Hughes was now leaving. When it came time to crunch for the Vikings to make a tiebreaker, All-Pro Eric Kendricks fullback was injured during the remainder of the season.

As a result, the Vikings finished 2020 with the fourth worst defense in the league – a hideous fall of grace with the 2019 Minnesota Defense Ranking. Fifth Widely.

Zimmer needs one of his patented plump defenses to match this healthy attacking trio – finally – in 2021. With Zimmer taking the reins, it always looks like something is getting in the way of harmony. Vikings are entitled to a year of systemic equilibrium.

And oh – Dubin didn’t even mention Adam Tellen. It’s not a bad playmaker to accompany the top 5 twins.

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