Josh Alexander talks about moving to singles

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Josh Alexander over the past few months, IMPACT Wrestling has been something of a revelation. Half of the longest reigning Tag Team Champions in promotion history with Ethan Page in the North, the current X-Division champion is getting stronger and stealing the show in many episodes of IMPACT on AXS TV, battling many opponents.

On Tuesday IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass Before Start Alexander’s 60-minute match with Iron Man vs TJPJim Varsallone of the Miami Herald asked about Josh Alexander’s transition from team wrestling to singles. The walking weapon replied:

“It was nervous tension. I knew that the tag team was over, and like all professional wrestling, you don’t know what will happen next. It kind of got out of your control. I said it before, I could be waiting the opportunity to sit on the bench for months, months and months. And luckily, you know, I got the opportunity very quickly, and I was able to capitalize on it and show what I am capable of. And show that I can hang in singles rival and get on your feet. “

Josh Alexander went on to discuss his desire to show what he had as a singles star right after his successful performance in the team division, saying:

“So it was a nervous tension in the sense that I didn’t know if this opportunity would come quickly, and I just sit around because I don’t want to sit on the bench. My mouth, as they say, is ready to get there, because I know that I had 14 years of experience before I came to IMPACT Wrestling. I fought the best wrestlers on planet Earth all over the world before I ever came to IMPACT Wrestling singles. I know what I have to offer. It was just showing the right people, showing the world and the IMPACT fans and getting this opportunity. “

Josh Alexander defends the IMPACT X-Division Championship in 60 Minute Iron Man vs. TJP in Before The Impact

In one of the biggest promotions of the year, Josh Alexander will defend the IMPACT X-Division Championship in a 60-minute Iron Man vs. TJP match in Before The Impact, with IMPACT on AXS TV in the final minutes. The two participants have shared their first two matches and are hoping to finally settle the score here.

This competition features two of the most experienced wrestlers from the entire IMPACT roster – Josh Alexander and TJP. It will surely be an unforgettable encounter that will be talked about as part of the promotion of the best matches of the year, making this episode a must-watch.

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