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Belarusians in exile protest against the closure of Poland’s land border


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On the border between Poland and Belarus, opponents of President Alexander Lukashenko waved the red and white flag of the opposition movement in protest against the closure of the crossing for all but the movement of goods.

Officially, the reason for the closure since December is COVID-19, but many suspect Lukashenka used the pandemic as an excuse to suppress the protest movement against his rule.

Usually, Poland issues about 400,000 visas a year to Belarusians.

“It was Lukashenka who closed the land border,” protester Lena Zhivoglod said. – It is difficult for Belarusians to leave their country. For those oppressed by the regime, this is a big problem. “

Since air traffic has been suspended, only the ground route remains.

“Many would like to leave,” says expatriate Ruslan Kulevich. – Because everyone is tired of living in fear. We are waiting, we are waiting. Maybe it will somehow help open the border. “

Some demonstrators say they may try to block the entry of Belarusian trucks to underline their call for tougher EU sanctions on Minsk.

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