Craig Deans gets excited by young people

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Outgoing Newcastle coach Craig Deans is optimistic about his fighting club’s talented youth and wants A-League rivals to develop their own players rather than poaching new Jets stars.

The attacking trio of 16-year-old Archie Goodwin and 19-year-old Lucas Moragis and Blake Archbold performed well in Saturday’s 1-1 home draw with Perth.

Goodwin belied his age as the most dangerous striker on the pitch, forcing Perth goalkeeper Tando Velafi to make four saves.

Mauragis and his replacement Archbold teamed up to create the Jets equalizer.

“I’m also happy for Lucas, Archie and Blake,” Deans said.

“We all hope that they will build a football career for years to come.”

Goodwin and Moragis’ uniforms at the end of the season are sure to catch the eye of other A-League clubs.

“At the beginning of the year, they signed a contract for another two years, so we hope to stay here longer,” Deans said.

“But other clubs have their own academies too, so they can use their academy and find their players.”

Deans acknowledged that Newcastle will need to replenish their own striking force as the Jets have scored 22 goals, less than one per game.

“Roy (O’Donovan) has seven goals. He is our top scorer. But to be honest, he didn’t have a lot of services this year, ”Deans said.

“We already started three or four months ago, striving to strengthen the team in the last third, and I am sure that when the coach comes to us next year, he will continue this search.”

Newcastle moved down from the bottom of the table above Melbourne Victory with goal difference on Saturday’s draw.

Both clubs will face the Premier’s Plate winner in Melbourne City in their A-League finals, although the Jets have no date yet.

In the playoffs for a place in the 1/16 finals of the FFA Cup, Newcastle will face another team in the bottom four lines.

Deans, who was named head coach back in February after three periods as interim coach, announced Thursday that he is retiring.

“I still want the best for the club and I still want to win this last (A-League) game and our FFA (Cup) game because I hope I will be living in Newcastle for a long time to come,” Deans said. …

“I want to come and watch the team play, and I want it to be successful.

“I want to see the guys who came this year and see how they develop and become the legends of the club.”


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