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Guide to Viewing Olympic Qualifiers – Boxing News


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Procedure for the first day of the European Olympic qualification

The European Olympic qualification resumes today (June 4) in Paris, France.

You can watch all the BBC action here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/boxing/57276246 or the olympic channel: https://olympics.com/en/

The action kicks off at 13:00 UK time.

Working hours on Friday:

GB 75 kg Lauren Price v Davina Michel from France, 13:00, ring A.

Ireland 75 kg Aoife O’Rourke vs Victoria Kebikava from Belarus, approx. 13.30, ring A.

GB 69 kg Pat McCormack vs. Hugo Micallef from Monaco, approx. 13.45, ring A.

Ireland 69 kg Aidan Walsh vs. French Wahid Humbley, approx. 14.15, ring A.

GB 81 kg Ben Whittaker vs. Romanian Paul-Andrei Aradoai, from 14:30, ring A.

Ireland 81 kg Emmet Brennan – Uke Smiley from Switzerland, from 15:00, ring A.

GB 57 kg Karris Artingstall vs Helina Bruevich, approx. 17.15, ring B.

Ireland 57 kg Michaela Walsh vs. French Mona Mestiaen, approx. 17:45, ring B.

UK 60 kg Caroline Dubois vs. Mira Potkonen from Finland, approx. 18:00, ring A.

Ireland 60 kg Kelly Harrington vs. Aneta Rigelska from Poland, approx. 18.45, ring B.

GB 75kgs Lewis Richardson vs Alexander Khizhnyak from Ukraine, from 19:30, ring B.

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