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Hamdan bin Mohammed Smart University has announced that it has joined the International Council for Open and Distance Learning – ICDE – as an official partner of the Global Consortium to develop a reference system for electronic, open, intelligent and technology higher education institutions.

The alliance is important as it works to bring together the efforts of open and digital universities, tertiary institutions and quality assurance institutions from around the world and guides them in the best possible way to develop a clear framework for setting common standards to foster the comprehensive quality of technology-based higher education. …

Dr. Mansour Al-Avar, President of Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University, highlighted the importance of a new partnership with the International Council for Open and Distance Learning, which is one of the world’s leading bodies in promoting online education, stressing that this is a milestone and an advanced step towards supporting the international community in providing ways to ensure that the urgent need for quality assurance in distance education is met, coupled with the growing trend to integrate intelligent teaching methods as an integral part of the higher education system around the world.

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He said: “The creation of the International Consortium for the Development of One Reference System in partnership with the International Council for Open and Distance Learning confirms our absolute determination to lay the foundations of quality, innovation and technology as a solid foundation for advancing higher education in accordance with the requirements of the twenty-first century, underpinned by our an exceptional experience in transforming the future of education in the Arab world in line with the wise directives of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Supreme President of the University, in spreading a culture of intellectual education and lifelong learning and transforming universities into intellectual ones, knowledge and creative beacons for creative graduates with knowledge and experience and innovation for a safer, more prosperous and sustainable future. “

He mentioned the collaboration with the Council, which is moving forward to use its high experience and deep knowledge to provide ongoing support for projects aimed at providing quality education for all, with the aim of using an intelligent and inclusive education approach. and distance learning.

We strive to further establish quality as an established culture within the intellectual system of e-learning and distance learning, developing an integrated structure that will allow universities to complete the process of self-assessment of performance, quality of education. educational outcomes and their compatibility with the demands of the digital age.

We renew our commitment to mobilize our shared energy with higher education institutions to maintain the quality of online education and provide cutting-edge tools for continuous improvement. ”


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