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Kristelyn Petersen thanks her sister-wife fans amid Dmitry Snowden’s statements about the attack


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Christeline Petersen made a new statement.

The ex-wife “Looking for a sister-wife”, who officially announced her ugly statements about the attack on Dimtree Snowden, is in hiding nowadays.

She plucked up the courage to leave Snowden a few months ago after an alleged domestic violence incident … after which Peterson filed an injunction against her husband.

It is not clear where she lives now.

What kind is an However, it is clear that Peterson struggled for a while.

This winter, Peterson filed a police report and told authorities about one of the alleged attacks on her by Snowden

She says she was woken up one day by Snowden, “who hit my head on the head of the bed and he yelled at me.”

She further submitted that Dmitry also pushed her head against the head of the bed several times, leaving marks and bruises.

This, too, was not all.

Petersen told authorities a few months ago that Dmitry was insulting during sexual intercourse.

She claims that “he choked me during sex even though I told him not to,” adding, “The more I fought, the more he liked it …

“I stopped saying no after a few times because any fight with me would have prolonged the sex and suffocation.”

Meanwhile, in a personal interview, another former Snowden lover, Ariadne Joseph, elaborated on the alleged ways that Dmitry insulted and attacked her also.

All around there are just disgusting things – if that’s true.

Since then, Joseph has announced the creation of GoFundMe Page to Help Peterson and her children.

He has raised about $ 9,000 to date … and Peterson is very grateful.

“Words are not enough to express my gratitude to each of you,” she wrote this week in response to encouragement.

“I know you want to know if we’re okay and I really appreciate you for that, but there are just things I can’t share right now.

“I hope you understand.”

She continued:

“What I can tell you is that my girls and I are doing fine so far.

“The journey ahead is long and a little scary, but I keep my head up and keep going forward. We are in the process of looking for a new home.

“If you are located in California and have rental recommendations, please contact us.”

And she concluded:

I will tell you as much as possible about how we are doing. Thanks again for everything you’ve done for me and my girls. May your kindness return to you hundreds of times.

And when the time comes, I promise to convey the kindness shown to me to someone else who needs it.

Please be safe and healthy.

Peterson's statement

Well said.

At the moment, the only important question is:

how Snowdens still work at TLC?!?

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