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“Take Action If You Use Malayalam at Work”: Delhi Government Hospital for Nursing Staff – News


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On Saturday, a Delhi government hospital issued a circular asking nurses not to use Malayalam at work because “most patients and colleagues do not know the language,” which she says is a lot of inconvenience.

In a circular issued by the Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research. Govinda Ballabha Panta (GIPMER), one of the leading institutions here, encourages nurses to use only Hindi and English to communicate, otherwise they will face “stringent measures.”

GB Pant Nursing Association President Liladhar Ramchandani said he was released in response to a patient’s complaint to a senior health officer regarding the use of Malayalam in the hospital, adding that “the union disagrees with the language used. in a circular ”.

The circular reads: “Complaint received regarding the use of malayalam for workplace communication at GIPMER.

At the same time, patients and colleagues do not know this language as much as possible and feel helpless, causing a lot of inconvenience. “

“So, all medical staff are required to use only Hindi and English for communication.

Otherwise, serious measures will be taken, ”the message says.

Ramchandani, also secretary general of the Delhi Nursing Federation, said: “Since the name of the language, Malayalam, was added to the circular, many will be offended.”

He also argued that the circular was “a consequence of a complaint filed by a patient” and “internally there are no problems between the nurses and the administration.”

Many nurses in various hospitals in India are from Kerala and Malayalam is their mother tongue. The circular drew sharp criticism from other nursing unions.

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