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UK security chief Priti Patel urges social media to remove posts of migrants crossing the channel


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More than 4,000 people have been unable to cross the Channel this year, and more than 4,000 will arrive in 2021, according to UK Home Office figures quoted by the BBC.

According to the BBC, UK Home Secretary Priti Patel on Saturday reached out to companies on social media in a letter calling for the removal of messages and videos that Patel says are going viral and therefore “captivating” the “deadly” Channel crossings with migrants.

“They are [posts] encourage others to leave a safe European country and put their lives and the lives of their families at risk, and are even used by smugglers to promote their murderous business, “Patel said in a letter quoted by the BBC.” What is not mentioned in these reports are the people who died trying to cross this crossing, or those who were forced to spend 13 hours in unsuitable boats in icy water.

While confirming that social media platforms have made some progress in removing content about “death clicks”, Patel said companies must “quickly and proactively remove posts related to illegal clicks before more men, women and children die on the Channel.”

Earlier this week, the Home Office accused “criminal gangs” of complicity in organizing the fatal crossings and pledged to “break the business model of these disgusting smugglers and save lives.”

However, the head of the Refugee Council Enver Solomon said that government approach doesn’t seem to work, and suggested another solution.

“The reality is that, fleeing war, terror and persecution, ordinary people are forced to take extraordinary measures to seek safety in another country,” he said, quoting the BBC. “Creating safe and regular routes to the UK – through an expanded resettlement program, humanitarian visas and reforming restrictive family reunification rules – is a way to effectively address this issue.”

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