Home Local News 2 Dubai janitors face jail time over missing Dior bag

2 Dubai janitors face jail time over missing Dior bag


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2 Dubai janitors face jail time over missing Dior bag

Two cleaners face jail time after a housewife notices that her designer purse is missing. The cleaning ladies told the woman that they had thrown away the bag, an expensive accessory from the French fashion house Dior, which they had left between the kitchen and the hallway. According to the Khaleej Times reportThe woman asked the cleaning staff why the bag was moved and they told her they threw it along with other rubbish.

The woman rushed to check the trash bins and asked a guard nearby, who said that the trash bins had already been removed by municipal trucks. One cleaning inspector said that the cleaning ladies REALLY took off the bag but didn’t throw it away and so the woman filed a report. The bag costs 10 thousand, and the cleaning ladies will be brought before the Dubai Criminal Court.

There are no CCTV cameras, so it is impossible to determine what really happened to the Dior bag.

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