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A woman dies after a fall in a US national park; body restored


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The 26-year-old woman died after falling into a canyon in a US National Park in Utah, officials said.

The woman’s body was discovered Sunday night in the Mysterious Canyon in Zion National Park, the National Park Service said.

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According to visitors, the woman went canyoning alone and fell on Saturday afternoon from a height of 15 to 24 meters. The crews began search and rescue operations, which closed various sections of the park.

A helicopter was sent to rescue the woman, but it was not possible to pull her out “because of the steep narrow walls of the canyon,” the park service said in a statement. Later, doctors reached the woman, and soon she died.

According to representatives of the park, the woman had injuries similar to a fall from a height. Her name was not revealed immediately.

The woman was reported to have engaged in canyoning, a practice or sport of following a body of water through a canyon, walking, swimming, rafting, rock climbing, rappelling, or other similar means.

The National Park Service and Washington County Sheriff’s Office investigated the death.

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