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Bartlett Century assists Somerset over 400


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Four county championship games ended on Sunday (including George Bartlett of Somerset, who ended his centenary), as well as New Zealand captain Kane Williamson, who chased England in a test match at Lord’s.

England vs New Zealand

Resuming 62/2, the tourists will move to 74 before losing to Neil Wagner, who was caught up by James Bracey in bowling: Ollie Robinson 10, Tom Latham LBW, Stuart Broad 36. Ross Taylor (33) will be the next player. he was caught by Bracey at Mark Wood’s bowling alley before Henry Nicholls was caught by Rory Burns at Joe Root at 23.

Chasing 273 to win 75 overs, England will lose to Burns, caught by Tim Sooty in Neil Wagner’s bowling alley at 25, before Zach Crowley catches Niksholes bowling Southey with Joe Root LBW 40 Wagner – House Sibley (60) and Ollie Pope (20) – undefeated batsmen when teams shook hands.

The next challenge kicks off Thursday in Edgbaston in the second and final game of the series.

NZ 378 (122.4 s) & 169/6 Dec (52.3 s), ENG 275 (101.1 s) & 170/3 (70 s)

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Nottinghamshire vs Essex

Going back to 180/7, attendees will add 13 points to their overnight Shane Sneiter score, LBW versus Brett Hatton at 24, before Simon Harmer comes out in the same way 20 points out of Luke Fletcher’s bowling alley with Sam Cook coming out last. at 6, since it was served by Hatton.

The hosts would have lost Ben Compton by 8 points as he was caught by Sir Alastair Cook at Siddle Bowling before Ben Duckett was served by Snayter by 16 points – Ben Slater (19) and Joe Clark (1), who did not come out with bat, at the end of the game.

NOT 293 (118.1 overs) & 44/2 (27.2 overs), ESS 210 (89.1 overs)

Points: NOT 13, ESS 11

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Somerset vs. Hampshire

Resuming to 323/6, the hosts will move to 409 before George Bartlett, after hitting his 100, is caught by James Vince in Brad Wheel’s bowling alley – a statement made at this point when Tom Benton was not eliminated with a 51st error. 55 balls.

Chasing 459 points per win, Hampshire will lose 30 to Cameron Steele as he was LBW against Lewis Gregory by 14 points before Ian Holland beat England on white in 9 – Tom Alsop and Sam North East were 23 and 19 no. respectively at the end of the game.

SOM 360 (83.2 overs) & Dec 409/7 (85 overs), HAM 331 (104.2 overs) and 88/2 (33.2 overs)

Points: 15 som, 14 radio amateurs

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Northamptonshire vs Kent

Following Kent’s announcement of his 330/5 overnight score, the hosts will lose 8 points to Emilio Gay LBW Darren Stevens before the same bowler catches Ricardo Vasconcelos 9 points behind Ollie Robinson. Rob Keogh will be the third player to be eliminated from the game. as he was caught by Robinson bowling Miguel Cummins by 12 points before Gareth Berg was caught by Cox bowling Nathan Gilkries for 21 years.

Saif Zaib will be caught by Robinson at Gilchrist’s bowling by 6 points, before Luke Procter lost to Daniel Bell-Drummond at 17. Tom Taylor will be caught by Cox at Gilchrist with Nathan Buck on the last wicket, LBW – Denley by 6 points. , with Adam Rossington (59) and Simon Kerrigan (7) not retired batsmen when both sides shook hands.

NOR 392 (104.4 s) and 184/8 dec, KEN 330/5 kill (69 s)

Points: NOR 13, KEN 14

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Sussex vs Yorkshire

Resuming 38/0, the score would increase to 60 before Tom Haynes was caught by Adam Leet at the Bess House and Sian van Ziel followed the duck when Harry Duke was caught behind him at Thompson’s bowling alley. Ali Orr was knocked out by Bess by 67 points before Travis Head was caught by Tom Kohler-Cadmore after bowling Ben Coade.

Aaron Thomason (52) and Danial Ibrahim will both fall into a Leet trap at the Bess House bowling alley before Jack Carson (5) and Stuart Meeker are fired by David Willie, caught by Thompson and Harry Brook, respectively. Henry Crocombe will be caught by the Duke at Willie before Ben Brown comes out last, tossed by Stephen Patterson at 22.

SUS 313 (115.3 overs) & 215 (113.4 overs), YOR 558 (145 overs)

Points: SUS 4, YOR 23

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