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Blueface Says He Spent $ 12k After Attending The Floyd Mayweather


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Phew chile! Innanet raised a fuss after Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather are fighting. It seems that everyone had their own opinion about the long-awaited match. Celebrities such as Portia Williams and her fiancé Simon Gobadia, MoneyBugg Yo and others were in attendance and seemed to have had fun watching the match. However, Blueface didn’t have the same sentiments as other celebrities. While in the arena, he divided most of the fight into grams. The rapper stated very loudly that he was not happy with the result.

Sitting high up, Blueface kept the amount of money he spent to stay in the building a secret. In the Instagram video, disappointment was written on Bluface’s face. “I’m damn angry. I spent about 12 thousand dollars on this shit. Never again, he said. Standing next to Akon, the Thotiana rapper asked him, “Was this the worst fight in history or what?” Akon asked him and replied, “Worst,” and continued to insist, seemingly unwilling to participate in Blueface’s conversation.

Bluface was not the only one to be disappointed in yesterday’s fight. Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather were trending all night, and viewers talked about it as if it were on Twitter, hiding nothing! Viewers talked about boxing, with what some considered a waste of $ 50 or more. One commented, “I illegally streamed the #MayweatherPaul fight and I still feel robbed.”

Showtime has not released the official viewership at this time.
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