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Brooks Koepka Offers Beer To Critics Of Bryson DeShambeau Memorial Tournament


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In case you're wondering, Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeShambeau haven't stopped doing this.

In case you’re wondering, Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeShambeau haven’t stopped doing this.
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The hottest rivalry in the sport is between two young golfers who trade shots online. But now someone might want the PGA to intervene.

Friday at the memorial tournament this week, 10 fans were sent off after shouting “Brooksi” towards DeShambeau. It was funny. Some even interrupted the golfer in the name of his nemesis during his swing. Not cool.

DeShambeau agrees. He said he likes fans and doesn’t mind being loud, but “if it gets to the point where they affect your swing … that’s a little over the line, but the rest doesn’t bother me. “

Just hours after the hooligans were uploaded, Koepka, who is not playing in this week’s tournament, posted a video on Twitter offering free beer to fans who were “running out of time” at Muirfield Village Golf Club.

Yes, you know what he means.

“If your time was, I don’t know, let’s say – interrupt – today at the DM Michelob Ultra golf tournament and we are going to distribute 50 cases of beer to the first 50 people,” Koepka said in the video.

Perhaps in a few weeks DeShambo will respond with a comeback. brought you Coors Light

But this is not happening, at least not yet. Yesterday, journalists asked DeShambaut if he was surprised on video and growing animosity. “Yes, I think this is what the Tour has to deal with, this is something I cannot control,” he replied.

“I’ve tried many times to get on the high road,” continued DeShambaut. “And I think from my point of view, I will continue to do this, and people will do what they want to do. The way it is “.

The couple’s quarrels continue for years. But if interrupting Koepka during a TV interview and making fun of his appearance on Twitch is Deschambeau’s version of the “high road”, I really don’t want to see what happens when he declines.

Of course, the two spurred each other on throughout this ordeal. And thanks to sponsorship from Michelob, this thing can turn into one big chunk of branded content any day.

But before the PGA decides to intervene, perhaps the USGA you should connect the Cap and DeShambo in the round one US Open next week. If this happens, one of the competitors will have the right to brag and suppress mutual campaigning … at least for the time being.

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