Director teases that news of a third film is coming soon

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HAPPY DAY OF DEATH Franchise director Christopher Landon teases that there may be news that a third installment will take place in the distant future. Landon had planned this story as a trilogy, but the lower-than-expected box office for the second film halted the development of the third. Now that streaming has become a more attractive option in the past year, the prospects Happy Death Day 3 were much faster.

Landon replied to fan question on Twitter about any updates on Happy Death 3 and the director gave a positive response that the film could still be made. He also said that there may be some news in the distant future, but he is not sure when this potential announcement will appear. You can check out the sharing on Twitter below!

Despite the fact that “Happy Death Day 3” has not been officially announced, Landon made it clear that he knows where the story is heading. Happy Death 2U included a post-credits scene that teased where things would go next, and he also said that the third film could take place much later than the last two films, as it doesn’t continue to unfold on the same day. Blumhouse Pictures CEO Jason Bloom has also expressed interest in continuing the franchise.

Released in 2017, Happy Death Day became an unexpected success when grossed $ 55.6 million at the box office and $ 125.4 million worldwide, all for $ 4.8 million.t. Happy Death 2U came in 2019, but turned out to be less successful, attracts US $ 28.1 million in the domestic market and US $ 64.6 million worldwide. Despite diminishing returns, the sequel was still profitable thanks to its budget of just $ 9 million.

Happy Death Day followed a college student named Tree (Jessica Roth) who must relive the day of her murder over and over again, in a cycle that will only end when she learns the identity of the killer. Happy Death Day not only became a box office hit but also received critical acclaim. received 71% fresh ratings on Rotten TomatoesHappy Death 2Uwho relied more on comedic elements with elements of science fiction, follows a tree again, which is accidentally transported to another dimension, where she must relive another version of the same day, trying to return home while the new killer is free. Although the film did not earn as much at the box office, critics still found the sequel to be enduring. rated 70% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes

Do you want a third? Happy Death Day?

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