Donald Trump wears his pants backwards, and on the Internet it’s Field Day!

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After appearing to put on his pants backwards while performing in front of the GOP in North Carolina, the former POTUS has been ridiculed on social media quite often for it! Not only that, but they were all wrinkled and the people on the net definitely had a field day over that.

One short excerpt from the talk was posted on Twitter reporter Brandon Friedman, who wrote in the caption: “ Donald Trump gave his big speech today with his pants drawn. Look closely and tell me I’m wrong. “

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Of course, the blue pants that Trump wore looked very wrinkled, and the zipper that should have been visible in the front was nowhere to be found.

Another user also wrote, “Didn’t Trump have a single employee who had the guts to tell him that he threw his pants backwards last night?”

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Others were hilariously reminded of 90s hip-hop star Chriss Cross, as he was known to wear his pants backwards.

“Chris Cross will make you Trump Trump,” said one commentator, and another also wrote that “Criss Cross and DaddyMac were ahead of their time.”

In addition, many recalled a 2016 book by Corey Lewandowski and David Bossy in which they wrote that Donald allegedly forced White House Communications Director Hope Hicks to steam his clothes while he was wearing him!

Trump allegedly shouted, “Take the car!” And Hope would take out the steamer and start steaming Mr. Trump’s suit while he was in it! She first steamed the jacket, then sat on a chair in front of him and steamed his pants. “

That being said, there were several tweets poking fun at this, one of which said, “TFW, you understand that Hope Hicks was actually the most important member of your team.”

What do you think of all the jokes people made about the pants situation?

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