Dozens of people died and were injured as a result of the collision of two express trains in Pakistan (VIDEO) – RT World News

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At least 30 people were reportedly killed and dozens more injured in Pakistan’s Sindh province after an express train derailed and collided with another passenger train coming from the opposite direction.

The incident took place early Monday morning near the city of Daharqa in the Gotka region of Pakistan’s southeastern Sindh province.

The collision reportedly occurred after several cars of the Millat Express train derailed and collided with a Sir Syed Express passenger train traveling on a parallel track. Video footage of the incident posted on social media shows the crumpled carriages overturned and lying on their side as people surround them, apparently looking for survivors.

Neo Pakistan News reported that at least 30 passengers were killed in the collision, dozens more were injured. There are fears that more and more people will be trapped among the rubble. Police said at least 25 people have yet to be pulled from the rubble


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