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“Education and knowledge”: two conditions for the equivalence of a secondary school certificate for students of private schools – settlements – education.


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The Department of Education and Knowledge in Abu Dhabi has identified two main conditions for the equivalence of graduates of private schools (foreign study programs) for admission to a public university, noting that if students are enrolled in a program other than the Ministry of Education’s curriculum and wish to apply for admission to a university in the country, they will need a certificate of equivalence issued by the Ministry, which states that the student has a level of education equivalent to a high school in the country.

The department explained that in order to obtain the certificate of equivalence, it is required to pass the Arabic language exam, which is set by the ministry for 12th grade for native speakers, or the Arabic language exam for non-native speakers and Muslim students taking the Islamic studies exam. (for Arabic Speakers and Non-Arabic Speakers), highlighting the need to keep track of any additional requirements to align each curriculum on a regular basis.

The department indicated that private schools in the emirate of Abu Dhabi provide 14 curricula, and a student can be transferred from one private school to another or from one curriculum to another, given that the deadline for changing schools is mid-October. each academic year, and the department has recommended not transferring students from one curriculum to another after the start of ninth grade or its equivalent, so as not to disrupt his academic career or affect his academic performance in pre-university years, urging students’ families to familiarize themselves with basic and optional subjects that the student will study in the new curriculum before completing the translation process. Between curricula, taking into account factors related to the psychological and social health of the student and his ability to adapt to the new learning environment.

The Department also encouraged families of students to take into account key considerations when choosing an educational program, including future plans for higher education, the degree of recognition by universities of their certificates and qualifications, equivalence and recognition of certificates in their home country if they are residents of the country and the academic history of the student. , taking into account the ease of changing curricula, schools, in case of a decision to change the type of school.

She pointed out that there are compulsory subjects that a student must study in addition to the subjects prescribed in the school curriculum, which includes Islamic education, and that they are compulsory for all Muslim students in private schools of different nationalities and are also optional. the subject for non-Muslims, while the subject of social sciences is compulsory for all students from first to ninth grade, and the language of instruction is left to the discretion of the school, while all schools strive to teach moral education to all students. grades one through twelfth, specifying that Arabic is compulsory for all students and is considered the first language for native speaker students. Additional language for non-native students is compulsory through ninth grade, and it becomes an optional subject for tenth grade students through grade 12.

• “Education and Knowledge” recommended not to transfer a student from one curriculum to another after the ninth grade, so as not to interfere with his academic career.

• 14 accredited training programs in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

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