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Epillo launches integrated solutions for patients and doctors in Asia, USA.


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Estonian digital therapy company Epillo Health Systems has launched its latest line of clinical solutions. It includes EHR systems for clinics and pharmacies and a mobile patient app, now available in Singapore, Malaysia, India and the United States.


The INTRx Clinical web-based system helps clinicians manage patient portfolio and health status through features such as electronic prescriptions, teleconsultation, coordinated patient care, monitoring and analytics, diet and laboratory tests, among others. He also handles administrative and financial workflows as well as appointments.

It is linked to the Epillo mobile app, a connectivity tool that gives patients access to their medical records and prescriptions. It also allows them to conduct follow-ups and bookings, participate in video consultations with their healthcare providers, and access wellbeing management functions.

In an interview with MobiHealthNewsThe company said the Epillo mobile app will have a “premium subscription model” that will offer patients advanced drug / drug / food interaction analysis, as well as premium monitoring tools and features for assessing health or wellness.

An Android version of the app is already available for download, and an iOS version is expected to be out by the end of this week.

In addition, INTRx Pharma is a prescription order management and inventory management solution for pharmacies.


According to Epillo CEO Aasif Shah, the introduction of “newer and safer” technologies is necessary for the development of healthcare infrastructure.

“The implementation of the blockchain distributed ledger model in Epillo’s digital health solutions will create unprecedented levels of accuracy, privacy and security for health care stakeholders and patients,” the company said in a statement.

At the moment, more than 200 doctors providing telemedicine services have connected to the Epillo system. The company said it plans to install 500,000 downloads of its mobile app by the end of the year.


Epillo announced in March that it was rated $ 150 million for its artificial intelligence-based medical and pharmaceutical application called INTRx. It says the technology can analyze drug-food interactions, making it a continuous digital therapy device that enhances the effectiveness of patient prescription plans. It can also predict food-drug and drug-drug interactions, which will prevent drug side effects.

The INTRx patent is still pending in the 27 states of the European Union and 153 countries through the US Patent and Trademark Office.

In other news DrChrono unveiled an open FHIR API in February that will allow patient data to be seamlessly transferred from its OnPatient personal health record platform to Apple Health.


“It’s time to break the fragmentation. It took us nearly five years to develop this app to streamline the granularity of the connected healthcare ecosystem. The flow of information from patients to doctors and service providers has been increasing since the pandemic. a comprehensive, real-time approach to streamline healthcare practice, and we are pleased to present the solution in a simplified format, ”said Dr. Bhupinder Singh, Epillo Chairman of the Board.

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