France fined Google 220 million euros for dominating online advertising

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French regulator fined Google 220 million euros on Monday (file)

Paris, France:

The French regulator on Monday fined Google 220 million euros ($ 267 million) after it found it had abused its dominant market position to place online ads, the latest move by European authorities towards a tougher stance against tech giants. USA.

The fine is part of an agreement reached after three media groups – News Corp, French daily Le Figaro and Belgian Groupe Rossel – accused Google of effectively monopolizing online advertising.

The Autorite de la Concurrence found that Google has given preferential treatment to its own AdX ad auction service and Doubleclick Ad Exchange, a real-time auction platform.

Customers trying to advertise on websites or mobile apps using competing platforms have often found themselves paying more than those using both Google services since they regrouped under the Google Ad Manager brand.

The regulator said that Google does not dispute its findings and is committed to operational changes, including improving interactions with third-party ad serving providers.

“This is the first regulation in the world to thoroughly examine the complex algorithmic processes of auctions that define ‘media’ advertising on the Internet,” said the agency’s president, Isabelle de Silva, in a statement.

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