Gary Owen’s estranged wife claims he hasn’t paid the bills or seen the kids in months: “You remember us right, right?”

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Gary Owen’s estranged wife, Kenya Duke, blows up the comedian again amid their unpleasant separation. In a lengthy post, Kenya stated that Gary has not paid his bills since April and has not seen his children for months.

Kenya appears to have been provoked by a shirt that had Gary on with the words “breadwinner,” which she took as a jab at her and her family.

Gary’s shirt described the “breadwinner” as “a person who earns money to support the family,” prompting Kenya to view him as dirty and accuse him of being the complete opposite of the breadwinner.

I’ve let you tell your family, friends, and fans any false story you want or want to be about us, our relationships, and our kids. Because I don’t care and I don’t feel the need to defend myself or explain myself, ”Kenya began a confusing post. “You and I know what it really is! But when you go in and write these dumb passive-aggressive posts in those insensitive back tees, I fire, and now you get my attention. ”

Kane then proceeded to make some statements about her estranged husband.

“You have not supported us since April 1. Nothing, nada, zero, not electricity, water, gas, not insurance (medical, dental, life, car, house, etc.), Neither groceries, nor home maintenance, nor gas or car maintenance, nor a platinum card, which I received for us (because you wanted it) and you could not get it (on your own), nor the cell phone that you had for 23 years; instead, you just got a different phone number and didn’t pay the bill, ”Kenya said.

She added that all of their accounts are linked to her social security number and credit.

“You paid off a $ 4,500 mortgage that is tied to your SSN and loan (for the first time), but that’s about it,” Kenya said.

Aside from money problems, Kenya has argued that he essentially abandoned his children.

“You have not seen your daughter for over 6 1/2 months, you have not seen your son for over 4 months. This is your choice. Do you remember us correctly ????

She continued, “I think we were helpful when your content was needed. Or when I let you live your best life while I stayed with our kids, home and business. This is what it is after 23 years of being the only one with your back 100% of the time, wow! The new you are Mofo. Do you ever admit the right? ”

She ended her message with the words: “You have shown insufficient care for me by maintaining financial stability and the only emotional support for our children. I am the only person who has always defended you, and you treat me this way, speaks about your character more than any of your antics. You’re a bad guy, so cut him out and grab a shirt that says DEADbEAT. I will let you go back to your better life … lying, pursuing influence, girlfriends and looking for a group of black celebrities. #igiveyouzeroproblems #noliestold #DONTBELATEFORTHECOURTDATE

Kenya filed for divorce back in March after nearly 18 years of marriage. She is reportedly looking for $ 44,000 a month in spousal support.

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