Home International Heavy rain and floods in Sri Lanka kill at least 17 people

Heavy rain and floods in Sri Lanka kill at least 17 people


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  • Heavy rain in Sri Lanka claimed the lives of 17 years.
  • Thousands were forced to flee their homes.
  • There are landslide warnings.

Heavy rain hit Sri Lanka, causing floods and landslides that killed at least 17 people and displaced tens of thousands, officials said Monday.

After rainy days, rivers in the southern and western plains of the island nation overflowed their banks over the weekend, flooding low-lying areas and forcing thousands of people to travel to relief centers.

“The water level is dropping, but landslide warnings are still valid in 10 districts,” Pradeep Kodippili, deputy director of the National Disaster Management Center, said in a statement.

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According to him, more than 270,000 people were injured and electricity was cut off to about 100,000 buildings.

“We expect rainfall to decrease from now on, but there will be occasional rains in some areas,” said Director General of the Meteorological Department, Atula Karunanayake.

The disaster stems from Sri Lanka hoping to loosen restrictions to fight the new coronavirus. The month-long quarantine to fight the third wave of infections is due to end on June 14.

Sri Lanka’s tourism sector has been hit hard by the pandemic.

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