Horrific video … Pakistani train massacre killed 30 people

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South Pakistan woke up on Monday after a tragic accident that killed 30 people in a collision between two trains.

A police spokesman said the injured were rushed to hospital as the death toll is expected to rise due to the presence of vehicles that have not yet been reached by rescue teams.

He also added that rescue teams did not arrive at the scene in the Hotki area in Sindh province, despite the fact that several hours had passed.

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For its part, a Pakistani Railways spokesman said a train from Karachi derailed near Daharka in northern Sindh province and collided with another train heading in the opposite direction.

“Several people were killed and many others are still inside,” he told AFP, stressing that there were ambulances at the site.

Photos taken with mobile phones showed metal debris, several overturned green locomotives and bodies on the ground, and several passengers jogging.

It is noteworthy that train accidents often occur in Pakistan, which has a developed network of railways and trains dating back to the British colonial era.

The network, stretching for thousands of kilometers, has been neglected for decades due to corruption, mismanagement and lack of investment in the sector.

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