Israel claims Egypt is biased towards Hamas – Middle East Monitor

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While indirect Egypt-mediated talks between Hamas and Israel continue, there are Israeli security reports claiming that Egypt has changed and is now biased against the Palestinian resistance movement. Same reported on Sunday.

According to security sources in the occupied state, relations between Egypt and the US administration “have recently improved,” and Cairo has begun to take positive action against the Gaza Strip. Sources cite the opening of the Rafah border crossing for people and goods, as well as the importation of heavy construction equipment from Egypt to help rebuild the besieged territory.

According to the Israeli Valla news site, these measures were taken despite the fact that Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said there would be no rebuilding of Gaza or a fixed ceasefire without any progress on the prisoner exchange. “Egypt is clearly biased towards Hamas and Egyptian officials are eager to reap huge financial benefits from the rebuilding of Gaza,” the sources added.

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Same also reported on a tweet by Israeli journalist Amir Bohbot, a war correspondent Maariv: “Egypt is using Israel’s policy of restricting the movement of goods to Gaza to move the negotiations forward. The Rafah checkpoint is open to travelers, goods, equipment, building materials, etc. “

He added that the Karam Abu Salem checkpoint, through which Israel controls goods in and out of Gaza, goes beyond the equation. “It will soon become unnecessary,” he said, “and Nitzana, the transition that Israel and Egypt are using for commercial exchanges, will also soon become unnecessary.”

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