Khala Sedki on her crisis with her husband: I have things that if I say the Egyptians will not enter the country | news

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Actress Khala Sedki confirmed that everything her husband, lawyer Sameh Sami does, is just a show and a quest for fame, because in the Christian religion there are no divorces or even a house of obedience.

Khala said in a telephone interview to Cairo Talk, which is broadcast on Cairo and People, that she speaks not only because she keeps her children alive, but if she speaks, she will reveal things that no one can imagine by saying : “And the mercy of my mother, if I say and say that I have people.” All this Egyptian will not leave this man by entering Egypt. “

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Khala explained that she has been separated from her husband for 7 years and refuses to communicate with him, while he lives in the United States of America and tries to persecute her with what he does, but she tries to keep their private secrets. …

And Khala Sedki said that she received a warning about obedience from her husband Sameh Sami and made fun of this question through her Instagram account and wrote: “Bad news for everyone who introduced me, my husband asked me in the house of obedience even though it was a month, when he filmed the video and got divorced in it, and it is true that he is in America, I am in Egypt, so his form will be online obedience. “

Significantly, the crisis began when lawyer Sameh Sami, the husband of artist Khala Sedka, appeared on video confirming that he had filed a lawsuit asking for a DNA test to find out the origins of his children.

Khala responded to what he said, denying all his accusations when he said that she had no opportunity to have children and questioned the origins of her two sons, Maryam and Samo, noting that the differences with her husband are 5 years back, explaining that she respected his decision to go to the United States of America, but refused to go with him. She endured insults and abuse on social media.

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