KUWTK: Shanna Moakler commented that she hates Kim Kardashian on her Instagram post before deleting it!

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According to some reports, Shanna Moakler did not try to hide my hatred for Kim Kardashian but then he took everything back. Apparently, there was a post on social media about Kim “hating”, which she stumbled upon and responded to.

However, she later apparently deleted the comment.

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Travis Barker’s ex-wife made her dislike for the reality star very clear in a comment she reportedly wrote.

As you probably know, Shanna’s ex, Travis Barker, is currently dating Kim’s sister, Kourtney Kardashian, and she has shaded her before too.

The post she reacted to was a photo of Kim’s crying face, and the caption read, “I hate her as hell.”

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Presumably, Shanna’s deleted comment on this post read “You are not alone.” Oh!

The woman did not go into details about why she feels this way about Kim, but it still comes as no big surprise.

After all, she has also expressed her dislike for both Kourtney and Kim in the past.

In fact, she even blamed Kim for having an affair with Travis, claiming that their romance was one of the reasons their marriage came to an end.

She told TMZ that “I divorced my ex because I saw them – I caught them dating. My family is broken because of their family, and now my children and I are estranged from each other because of another sister in the same family. So, hurray for me.

As for Kim, she denied the accusations, telling a fan who asked about it that it was “a false story!” And adding that “We’ve been friends for years. I’m so happy for him and Kort. “

Not too long ago, Shanna also accused Courtney of having a falling out with her teenage children.

When TMZ asked if she had a message for her ex, she said, “Thank you for ruining my family.”

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