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Leila Elvy in an interview with The Seventh Day TV: I did not hesitate for a second to accept the film Mom is Pregnant.


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The star, Leila Elvi, said during a meeting with co-star Ali El Kachoti on Youm7 TV, “I did not hesitate for a second to take on the role of Sumaya in Mom is Pregnant because I loved the idea and the cast of the film. “

Leyla Elvi added in her dialogue with Ali El Kashuti: “Bayumi Fuad played the role of my husband’s excellence in his work, and he is the husband of all wives who want their husbands to love them the same way.”

Leyla Elvi explained that the filming scenes were enjoyable despite the fatigue and exhaustion, because the working group loves each other and their spirit is sweet with each other, and therefore the work came about that way.

Synergy Films will release “Mom is Pregnant” on June 2 in theaters to join the Eid al-Adha movie list, where the company unveiled an official promo video for the work last Thursday, and it received a lot of audience approval as it was dominated by comic situations. between Layla, Alawi, Bayumi Fuad, Hamdi al-Mirgani and Muhammad Salam Ali.

The film “Mom is Pregnant” written by Luai El-Sayed and directed by Mahmoud Karim, starring Laila Elvi, Bayumi Fuad, Hamdi al-Mirgani, Mohamed Salam, Nancy Salah, Hoda El-Etrebi, Sheriff Desuki, Hoda Majri, Sami Maghauri , Badria Tolba, Sarah Abdel-Rahman and a number of other artists.

Pregnant Mom is produced by Synergy Films, New Century, Misr International and Magic Beans. It revolves around the family of Laila Elvi, who is married to Bayumi Fuad, and they have two sons, Hamdi al-Margani and Mohamed Salam. one doctor, the other director of advertising. They don’t want to experiment. They get married, despite the attempts of their parents, then the family is surprised by Lila Elvy’s pregnancy.

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