Logan Paul reacts to memes about his fight with Floyd Mayweather

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Several people posted memes, citing the fact that the two fighters spent part of the fight leaning on each other and appeared to be hugging. Apparently Logan noticed these memes.

Shortly before the fight, he posted an illustration to his Instagram story of him and Floyd kissing. Then, after the fight ended, Logan posted a screenshot of a Barstool Sports match in which he rested his head on Floyd’s shoulder with his eyes closed while the two guys hugged each other.

“Heart-to-heart with my boy at 3 am after drinking all the beer,” read the Barstool Sports caption. Logan shared this post, but did not add any posts of his own.

Earlier in the day, a social media man tweeted that after moving to Los Angeles five years ago, his dream was to become the world’s greatest artist. “I had no idea HOW and WHEN this would happen, but after 6 years of manifestation it happens.” – Logan wrote… “Life is a wild ride.”

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