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Lupine: Will Part 3 be on Netflix?


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Netflix’s Lupine attracted attention millions of viewers around the world when it first premiered in January, and it’s not hard to tell why. With an intriguing mystery surrounding the past of Assane Diop (Omar Si), stunning jewelry robbery, and smart rotation on fictional gentleman thief Arsene Lupinewhat not to love? Seeing that Part one ends with a grand cliffhanger, We are looking forward release of the second part this month, But that’s not all!

Correct: Netflix has already confirmed Lupine part three is approaching. In true Lupine style, the streaming service quietly announced the news with a hidden clue. As one smart journalist pointed out, a site with a URL assane-diop.com, also known as the name of the show’s protagonist, contains a message that reads, “Assan is always one step ahead. Lupine will return for part three. ” Sy eventually confirmed the announcement was real when he tweeted, “We can’t hide anything from you. EyesLupine Part 3 Confirmed! ”

Seeing that the first and second parts will be released in the same year, we can’t help but wonder if the third part will also come out in 2021. Assuming the cast has already filmed part three, we could consider another five-month hiatus between new seasons. So the release date could be around November or December. We’re guessing we just need to keep looking for new clues on Netflix!

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