Many Killed in Collision of Two Trains in Southern Pakistan: Officials | Pakistan news

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At least 30 passengers were killed and dozens injured after the Millat Express derailed and the Sir Side Express train crashed into it shortly thereafter in Sindh province.

Authorities said the collision of two express trains in southern Pakistan killed at least 30 passengers as rescuers and villagers tried to pull injured and other bodies out of the rubble.

According to Umar Tufail, chief of police in the Gotka district of Sindh province, where the collision took place before dawn on Monday, 15 to 20 passengers are still trapped in the wreckage of the Millat Express train, and authorities have tried to organize rescue operations with heavy equipment. …

Millat Express went off the rails and was hit by a Sir Sayed Express train shortly thereafter, ”said Usman Abdullah, deputy commissioner in Gotki.

It was not immediately clear what caused the crash and subsequent collision.

“Right now, we are faced with the task of quickly rescuing those passengers who are still trapped in the wreckage,” he said.

Abdullah said 30 people have died to date. The railroad said there were about 1,100 passengers on board the two trains, and measures were taken to help the surviving passengers.

Some of the passengers were on the Millat Express to the wedding, according to local media reports, but it is unclear if they were among the dead or injured.

Television footage showed ambulances carrying injured people to hospitals. According to Pakistani TV channels, heavy equipment did not arrive at the scene approximately four hours after the accident.

Pakistani Railways officials said they have ordered an investigation and rescue efforts are still ongoing.

Some of the injured passengers were hospitalized in critical condition.

The authorities said troops had arrived at the scene of the accident to take part in the rescue work.

“Two helicopters are taking off from Multan to evacuate the wounded and take urgent relief measures,” the Pakistani Armed Forces said in a statement. “Emergency supplies are being prepared and will be dispatched shortly.”

Malik Aslam, a local resident, told Pakistani Geo News TV that about 100 people were injured and he counted at least 30 bodies of passengers during rescue and recovery operations.

Train accidents are common in Pakistan, where successive governments have paid little attention to improving poorly maintained signaling systems and outdated tracks.

In 1990, an overcrowded passenger crashed into a standing freight train in southern Pakistan, killing 210 people in the worst train disaster in Pakistani history.

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