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Michael Javid’s husband ‘isolated’ after reconciling with Reza as the Sunset Stars shahs show where they stand


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Mercedes “MU” Javid shares the news about her husband Tommy Veith and friend Reza Farakhan

Two years after Reza filed restraining order against Tommy and accused him of vandalism in the house he shares with her husband Adam Neelythen Sunset shahi The cast revealed that their friendship was tough at first.

“At the beginning it was hard, because I was guided only by my own emotions,” admitted MJ. IS AN! newsThe daily pop June 4th. “I wanted to talk to Reza, I got in touch with him, and we had an incredible bond. We were delighted with this. And then I realized that I completely isolated Tommy. “

After MJ and Reza mend their relationship after their breakup a few years ago, MJ realized that her husband was not only unhappy with the renewed friendship, but actually felt totally committed to re-establishing the bond.

“It threw my ring, – admitted MJ. “He was not okay, but that was a long time ago, and now I truly believe in my heart that I am so optimistic. Even if it’s unrealistic, my goal is to do it again so that Tommy and Reza can like it. [come together] because it really matters. “

What prompted MJ to contact Reza after months heated voltage, most of which played out in the eighth season Shahslongtime Bravo star revealed that it was the birth of a son Shams in April 2019 changed her point of view.

As for when she and Tommy plan to expand their family even further, MJ said she wasn’t sure if they would ever welcome their second child.

“I don’t have a definite answer, because there are no guarantees,” MJ explained her possible plans for a surrogate mother. “If you find a surrogate mother and implant an embryo, this may not happen.”

Meanwhile, MJ is fully committed to two-year-old Shams

“I’m so focused on being kind to him and trying not to screw up,” she laughed. “He talks, runs and goes to school … I don’t think we can handle it. [another baby] right now.”

Sunset shahi ninth season aired on Sundays at 8 / 7c on Bravo.

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