Milking Reaction Queensland Maroons Daly Cherry-Evans

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Queensland Captain Daily Cherry-Evans says he is willing to strike a “gentlemen’s agreement” with NSW colleague James Tedesco to ensure milking does not cast an ugly shadow on State of origin row.

Speaking to the media today, Cherry-Evans agreed that milking was a disappointing side effect Overclocking NRL on high contactwhen players are caught lying down to give video review officials time to catch high contact, even if it’s minimal.

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This caused outrage among the rugby league public and scared off disgruntled fans, many of whom believed it was no longer a sport of resilience – a trait that has always been the focus of the game’s promotion.

Nowhere is this more true than in the Origin Arena, where Cherry-Evans is urging all 34 fighters to play the first episode on Wednesday night in a spirit that showcases the best trappings of the sport, adding that officials have a responsibility to keep the game from playing. … descend into a farce.

“I think it will be a kind of gentlemen’s agreement, to be honest,” Cherry-Evans said.

“As players, we all know what Origin is, what they mean to each other and to the fans.

“We are not gladiators, but we play a very difficult contact sport.

“When we go out there, I don’t think there will be too many performances.

Gagai suffers from tonsillitis

“After all, this is sportsmanship. But I think Origin is a very different beast. We will see many moving muddy people and not so many people who will remain below.

“If there is a foul play, any player will agree that he will have to act accordingly, but as far as those little random shots and those that pass by, it would be great if they were counted as a penalty.

“The Origin product is amazing: 13v13, some of the best players have come together, I don’t want to have to stop talking about the referee.

“I don’t think it’s fair to them; they have been under scrutiny this year, hopefully we can let the chatty players talk. “

Cherry-Evans’ comments came after the NRL’s milking issue drew attention to young Wests Tigers star Dane Laurie, who lifted off the ground with a big smile on his face after staying downstairs to draw attention to a tackle that crept up high.

This drew the ire of Balmain legend Steve “Blocker” Roach, who told the Fox League that “people wouldn’t appreciate” this kind of game.

“I have a problem with that, especially on the part of my team,” he said.

“The West Tigers are lying like that … this is not football.

“You have to get on your feet. He won the penalty, but people won’t appreciate it. “

While the milking issue threatens to steal headlines in the last couple of days ahead of Origin I, Cherry-Evans said he was focused on being able to put on a strong performance in front of a Townsville crowd that is likely to be extremely limited.

“I cannot speak on behalf of everyone, but I do not see any pressure in this. This is a great opportunity to go up there and gather a crowd that will support us 100 percent, ”he said.

“It doesn’t scare me … it’s great. As athletes, we don’t see it that way, we see it as an opportunity to get up and do something really special. “

Cherry-Evans said Dane Gagai is recovering well after an attack of tonsillitis and get dressed according to the program while the injured stars of the Storm Harry Grant and Cameron Munster have shown great results in training. and would be fit for a Wednesday night.

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