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Murder on the horizon in Summer Bay, but who is the victim?


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The worst murder takes place in Summer Bay …

Finally what distracts us the shitty storm that Harry and Meghan have! Also, we have not written anything in Home and away after a while we thought that now is the right time. While all of the other storylines on the show have been mediocre, such as Nikau’s new job becoming an obsession to please Sienna, we haven’t had a murder mystery in a long time. Of course, we learned about Mason’s shocking death in the 2019 season finale, but we do know who is to blame for his death.

Back to the bay reports that this week we will see a body wash at Summer Bay Beach, as we all know. They have now ruled out a number of possibilities. This includes:

  • Leah
  • Justin
  • Marilyn
  • Mackenzie

The reason the four were excluded is because photos of the actors are popping up on social media between breaks on set. The episodes are filmed six months prior to being televised in Australia. So why the question arises, who is the victim, who is responsible for killing them, and why? Well, Back to the Bay has an interesting theory.

Was the victim a crook, Susie?

We haven’t seen Suzy for a long time. If this is the goal, who is killing it? Back to the Bay suggests it could have been Stephen, the guy who joined Leah and John in their search for the fraudster as he was also a victim. We don’t know anything about him other than his claim that the fraudster ruined his marriage and took it for granted.

It may be quite obvious …

Finally, we would not be surprised if this were the case. Home and away has a habit of pondering something, but this is not what we expect. Take a bus accident a few years ago as an example. He was publicized to the point that he got on the cover of TV Week with the text “Who Will Die?” across the front. It was then revealed that this was a minor character who no one cared about who died.

Given the possibility that Susie is a murder victim, it wouldn’t surprise us if that were the case. Moreover, it would be obvious what the motive is; revenge and justice for robbing so many people.

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